Portland - OR

Matheus Lumber Products

At the Portland office of Matheus lumber, Dave Manke and staff handle complex commercial and multi-family construction projects throughout California, Oregon, and other western states. Our office brings a very high degree of product knowledge and industry intel, serving as an excellent resource to our customers and helping them to stay on time and under budget. We view our customers as true businesses partners and work tirelessly to ensure the success of their projects. We welcome the opportunity to work with new people so please contact us for an honest and competitive quote.

 Multi Family Residential, Hotel/Motel, Student Housing, Senior Living

  • Lumber
  • Structural Panels, Flooring
  • Pressure Treated Lumber & Plywood
  • Fire Retardant Treated Lumber & Panels
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Industrial & Architectural Glulam Beams
  • Large dimension Sawn Timbers
  • Roof Trusses
  • Gypsum Board, Siding
  • Arbors, Corbels, Decking

Commercial, Heavy Civil, Industrial, Marine

  • Treated Wood Lagging
  • Crane Mats
  • Structural Timbers
  • Pressure Treated Lumber & Timbers
  • Concrete Form
  • Pre-Fabricated Concrete Form Panels
  • Poles & Piling
  • Panelized Roof Structures

Portland Oregon Contact Info:

Lumber Sales
Title - Region
Dave Manke Sales manke@matheuslumber.com

Cell - 503-628-9731
Office - 503-619-0224

Olivia Burns Sales Assistant olivia@matheuslumber.com 503-619-0129

Specialty Products
Wes Newmyer Senior Estimator wes@matheuslumber.com 503-619-0228
Timm McDaniel Purchasing Manager timm@matheuslumber.com 503-619-0227
Dylan Cheeseman Sales Assistant dylan@matheuslumber.com 503-619-0226