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Location: College Station, Texas

The Cottages is a 609,000 SF, 1352 bed student housing project built by Capstone Collegiate Communties. At the time of its construction, The Cottages was the largest single phase project in College Station’s history.

It was so rumored that Johnny “Football” Manziel participated in a game of pick-up 7-on-7 on the Cottage’s sports field prior to becoming Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy winner.

Buffalo Framing was the wood framing contractor and Matheus Lumber Texas was the commercial lumber supplier.

Cottage1 Cottage10 Cottage11
Cottage12 Cottage13 Cottage14
Cottage15 Cottage16 Cottage17
Cottage18 Cottage19 Cottage2
Cottage20 Cottage21 Cottage22
Cottage23 Cottage24 Cottage25
Cottage26 Cottage27 Cottage28
Cottage29 Cottage3 Cottage30
Cottage31 Cottage32 Cottage33
Cottage4 Cottage5 Cottage6
Cottage7 Cottage8 Cottage9