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At Matheus Lumber Co Inc., we are a truly global lumber supply company providing products throughout North America and internationally including Japan, China, Australia, and other Far East territories.

Our company values its long tradition of providing quality construction products and outstanding service to every customer.

For over 80 years, we have provided personalized service from our team of professional wood product technicians. As one of the last true lumber wholesalers in the country, we can answer all of your technical questions. Whether you need to know span specifications, grade rules, or species options, our people know the products available and have the industry experience to get you the best answers.

We operate offices throughout the country including branches in Texas, Alabama, Idaho, Arizona, and Oregon.

Western States

Starting with our region on the West Coast and gradually expanding from there, Matheus Lumber has become well known for our ability to make prompt, competitively priced deliveries. Whether it's from our own distribution yard in Woodinville or from other yards with which we have reciprocal arrangements, we are able to extend our full-line of services and quality lumber products.

U.S. Distribution

Among our specialties are concrete form panels and lumber. Combining these two products allows us to be very competitive to job sites throughout the country. We also work with over 1,000 sawmills across the U.S. and Canada which allows us to supply any job site with additional framing materials.

Global Distribution

Since building our distribution yard in Woodinville, Washington, we have expanded services to include the Pacific Rim regions and other world ports. Close proximity to Seattle and most of the major shipping lines enables us to load ocean-going freight and have them delivered to the docks in a timely manner.


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