Schools - Lumber Supply

Matheus Lumber has been supplying plywood, lumber, trusses and engineered wood to a wide variety of school projects for decades. School construction is one of our primary specialties averaging over $1 million of lumber per year on schools alone. These construction projects include small elementary schools, large public schools, and multi location university buildings.

From student housing and dormitories, to brand new school construction or expansions, Matheus Lumber has the experience and background to ensure that your school construction project gets the materials it needs on time. With over 6 locations across the nation, Matheus Lumber has support for school construction throughout the United States.

In this division Matheus Lumbers' role is typically to supply the lumber, roofing and siding for the school project. Packages generally range from 30,000 to 500,000 dollars and are facilitated by Matheus Lumber efficiently through our proven business methods. Framing for schools usually takes around three to four months, during this time Matheus Lumber maintains constant contact ensuring your project goes smoothly.

Some of the more notable projects Matheus Lumber has provided construction materials for are the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, and the Bertschi School, also located in Seattle, Washington.