Mixed Use Construction - Lumber Supply

Matheus Lumber has been supplying commercial lumber and plywood for use in mixed use construction projects since it’s inception in 1932. The mixed use division covers large projects including but not limited to apartments or condos with retail space attached/involved.

Mixed used construction projects are buildings that combine retail businesses and residential spaces in a harmonious fashion. Typically, a store or restaurant is constructed on the ground floor with the residential apartments built above. These can be seen throughout the country but especially in metropolitan areas like Seattle, WA. The difficulty with this type of commercial lumber project is to ensure the buildings compliment each other and carry over the customers design intentions.

Project sizes in the mixed use division typically range from 100,000 to 300,000 square feet with contract shipments ranging from four to eight months in duration. With over 80 years of experience in mixed use construction, you can rely on Matheus Lumber to deliver your construction materials on time and meet your deadlines.

With the mixed use division in particular, our experienced truck drivers, and five roll trucks can deliver commercial lumber and plywood to downtown areas for easy crane unloading. Our construction materials can also be bundled together for unloading with multiple types of equipment depending on the projects location and details.