Apartments/Multi-Family - Lumber Supply

Matheus Lumber has been supplying commercial lumber and plywood for use in multi-family construction projects since it’s inception in 1932.

lumber supplyThe multi-family division covers commercial construction projects including but not limited to apartments, condos, and senior living facilities.

Project sizes in the multi-family division typically range from 100,000 to 300,000 square feet with contract shipments ranging from four to eight months in duration. Matheus Lumber is flexible, successfully providing commercial lumber and materials to meet demands for any sized project or duration.

As with all our divisions, Matheus Lumber is a dependable supplier of commercial construction materials with prompt delivery to meet your projects requirements. All our contracts are updated daily, keeping customers in the know, on time and on budget.

Matheus Lumber keeps dimension lumber in stock, including:  douglas fir, hem fir, select structural, spruce-pine-fir, studs, stud grade lumber, #2 and better, fire treated lumber, and treated lumber.

Panels in stock include: large variety of form board, CDX, ACX, OSB, fire treated panels, and marine grade panels.