Marina Construction & Lumber Supply

Matheus Lumber initiated our Alaska Float Fabrication Division in1984 out at our Maltby facility by working with Marine Contractors with the furnishing, fabrication and assembly of high-quality heavy-duty timber float systems. All projects are funded as public works projects.

Marina project size costs built by Matheus Lumber range from $100,000 to $10,000,000, and contract duration ranges from three months to one year. Typical structure size for finger floats range from 3’ x 20’ to 6’ x 60’ and for main floats range from 8’ x 20’ to 16’ x 60’. All are assembled in our fabrication yard and sent to the Seattle Dock for transport primarily to Alaska.

Matheus Maltby Yard also engages in all types of wood and glue-lam fabrication, mostly performed prior to preservative treatments. We can bore, notch, adze, dap countersink and rip any wood products into the desired shapes. We also produce crane mats for heavy civil construction projects.