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Plywood and OSB

Pressure Treatments – AWPA UC-11 Treating Standards

Western Wood Preserving Co.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS's), replacing MSDS's, for its preserved wood products:

FirePRO Treated Wood:
Advance Guard Borate Treated Wood:
CCA Industrial Treated Wood:
Nature Wood Treated Wood:

  • CCA – Chromated Copper Arsenate
  • ACQ – Alkaline Copper Quaternary
  • Borate – Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate
  • ACZA -  Ammoniacal Copper Zinc Arsenate
  • CA-c -   Copper Azole, Type C
  • Creosote

Fire Treatments

Concrete Form

Exterior Sheathing


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 Institute is a nonprofit member trade organization who has represented the interest of the preserved wood products industry.

 is the regional trade association serving building material dealers throughout the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

Osmose, Inc. is recognized as a world premier supplier of lumber preservative technologies.