Woodinville, WA–Matheus Lumber Company Inc., headquartered here, is known as the “go-to” provider of forest products nationwide. The company purchases more than 400 million board feet annually of Softwood lumber and lumber products. Species include Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hemlock Fir, Spruce-Pine-Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine.

With revenues exceeding $425 Million in 2018, Matheus is among the top 20 lumber wholesale distributors in the country. Matheus is ranked on the Pro Sales 100 and has experienced year-over-year growth of $125 million, according to reports published in Pro Sales Magazine.

Matheus supplies just about everything you would need to complete a wood project. Each branch location for Matheus purchases their specific needs from major producers and distributors of wood products across North America and Canada. They supply everything from framing lumber in all species and grades, to a complete supply of sheathing products, engineered wood products (EWP), trusses, hardware and siding.

In addition to selling dimensional lumber, sheathing, and EWP, the company has a fabrication yard for building primarily crane mats and docks for marinas in Alaska and Washington. Available fabrication products include: tunnel lagging, crane mats, bridge timbers, floats, railroad ties, docks and piers, guard rail posts, form panels, piling, timber trusses, keel blocks, special crates and truck bed lumber. The firm also has the ability to do the following: dap, bore, cants, cut curves, dado and trim when required.

Established in 1932 by William Matheus, the company has been serving customers for over 80 years. When asked what the keys to their success are, Owner/CEO Gary Powell said the company relies on basic principles of providing great customer service and competitive prices. “Our history and continued dedication to providing the right materials at the right time has made us one of the top National Direct Wholesalers of forest products,” he explained. “From residential homes, roads, bridges, commercial buildings, multifamily, schools, marinas, or any other project, our customers know that they can  rely on Matheus Lumber to provide high quality construction materials to meet their goals.”

Since its founding, Matheus Lumber has provided products to many noteworthy projects. In 1942, Matheus Lumber furnished the bulk of the lumber for the Bailey Bridge  Program, which played a large role in hastening the end of WWII. By the early 1960s the company supplied materials to seven of the main structures at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. In the 1970s the company supplied materials for the Alaska Pipeline project.

In recent years, the company provided the concrete form boards, timbers, lagging and lumber for the Kingdome in Seattle and also its replacement Quest Field, along with Safeco Field. In 2018, the firm supplied products to the Seattle Tunnel Partners, a consortium of companies boring the new traffic tunnel under Seattle. “We also supplied crane mats, timber and concrete form boards for the new 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington,” Powell explained.

Additionally, the company supplied lumber, timbers and form board to all five of the joint ventures building a $57 billion light rail project in Puget Sound.

The second-generation family incorporated Matheus Lumber Co. in 1964, and in 1986 the operation established its first large distribution yard in Tacoma, WA. The yard then moved to Woodinville in the 1980s.

Beginning in 2002, Matheus Lumber added additional offices in key markets across the country. In the Northwest, Matheus has offices in Ellensburg, WA; Vancouver, WA; Post Falls, ID, as well as its corporate headquarters in Woodinville.

In 2008 the company added an office in San Marcos, TX, and in recent years added a Phoenix, AZ and Mobile, AL office. “Each office is staffed by experienced sales personnel who have earned the loyalty of hundreds of customers that are building multi-family apartments, senior living facilities, commercial projects and single-family homes,” said Powell.

With 120 employees, key personnel at Matheus Lumber Co. include: Owner/CEO Gary Powell, President Ben Powell, and CFO Brian Canny. The Powell family became the third generation of owners in 1985 when Gary Powell and some fellow employees acquired the business from the previous owners.

The Post Falls office is headed by Vice President Ryan Powell, who oversees sales throughout the Eastern U.S. Vice President Scott Hall heads up the Texas office in San Marcos, which is the largest regional office in terms of sales.

As for what differentiates Matheus Lumber Co., Powell said, “Our track record and experience in the supply and distribution of forest products is unmatched. We have always provided excellent service and products and we keep up with the necessary time frames specified by the contractors so that they have the product when they need it.”

Looking ahead, the firm has plans to expand into other states bringing their experience and excellent track record with them.

For more information visit www.matheuslumber.com.