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Location: Matheus Lumber

Matheus Lumber has been the go-to resource for crane mats over the last several years. Crane mats are made from large rough sawn timbers and heavy steel rods, and serve as a stabilizer for cranes to move on soft or unstable ground.  4 x20 and 8 x 24 are the most common crane mat sizes.

Matheus will furnish the timbers and rods, and fabricate the mats into customer requested sizes.

Generally projects range from $ 2000 to 125,000 and use Douglas fir timbers. Contracts usually last two to six weeks.

Matheus Lumber is the best choice for crane mats as the  fabrication yard has the ability to fabricate and assemble crane mats into any size needed from 4 x 10’ to 8 x 36’.

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