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Location: Seattle, WA

The new Mercer Hall will provide apartment units for over 900 students in five wings over a common parking garage. This multifamily complex will provide studio apartments along with 2, 3, 4 and 6 bedroom apartments. The seven-story concrete and wood-frame structure includes materials provided by Matheus Lumber and construction by local contractors.

This project followed a stringent construction schedule, and Matheus Lumber was not only able to meet all deadlines but also able to efficiently deliver lumber to the crowded UW area of Seattle.

Milestone Construction Schedule

Begin Construction: August 2011 
Concrete: October 2011- May 2012 
Framing: February - September 2012 
Completed: August 2013 

GEDC0671 GEDC0641-uw GEDC0642
GEDC0643 GEDC0644 GEDC0645
GEDC0658 GEDC0660 GEDC0662
GEDC0663 GEDC0667 GEDC0674